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We mainly use wood from the local growing area.
Very important. We work with a food safe lacquer, which is also used in kindergartens and other public buildings. For our packaging we primarily recycle packaging materials that have already been used (cartons, cardboard, fillers).

Ballet poles should not only look noble: they should feel good and reliably fulfil their task as sports equipment for many years to come. Ballet poles made of ash wood are particularly well suited to withstand the high demands on strength, toughness and elasticity. Their feel is excellent and their physical properties are characterised by high load-bearing capacity. In addition, ballet poles made of ash absorb sweat so well that the poles remain non-slip during ballet, provide support and prevent injuries caused by slipping from happening in the first place.

Esh wood is known for its heaviness and hardness, annual rings can be easily recognized. The properties of abrasion resistance, which are important for a ballet bar, make ash an ideal wood to be processed as a ballet bar.

In our ballet bar store you can choose between ballet bars made of ash, oak and beech in different colours. We offer you a selection of local woods, which are characterized by their high breaking strength and thus guarantee safety and effective training, because they are extremely elastic and can react flexibly to the exercises on the pole.

That depends on the length of the ballet bar. Best calculated per meter 1kg weight. The wall brackets available in our ballet bar store are designed to carry the weight of all the ballet bars we offer, the best is to order them with.

When you choose a ballet pole as a set, we will supply you with the appropriate number of wall brackets so that they can carry the ballet pole well according to their length. The optimum strength is guaranteed if you observe the following rule of thumb:

  • 0,50m up to 1,95m: 2 brackets
  • 2.00m to 3.00m: 3 brackets
  • 3,10m to 4,00m: 4 holders

Our sets are adapted to this requirement and are thus offered and delivered. If you need more or less holders, please contact us and we will advise you whether there is anything in the way of your planning.

Make sure you have enough space in the room to do your exercises. This does not only concern how deep the bar may reach into the room, but also the length to practice cleanly. If you mainly want to train your body posture or if you prefer exercises where you place your hands on the ballet pole, then all ballet poles we offer are suitable for you. Even children often don't need so much space from bar to wall, so they can comfortably do all the exercises on all bars. Ballet studios and trainees, who are already a little bigger, should reach for the ballet poles, which have a minimum distance to the wall of 150mm, in order to be able to place their foot optimally on the pole. To test which pole is right for you, you can take a handrail in your staircase and see if you bump against the wall when you put your foot on the pole. If this is the case, take the ballet pole holders from 150mm wall distance.

No matter whether children or professional ballerina - nobody wants to hurt themselves, get slate from the wood on their hands, hurt themselves on a knot hole or slip off the bar during a jump. When it comes to your own health, we advise you not to economize at this point. The ballet poles, which you can order in our ballet pole shop, do not only meet the requirements of a piece of sports equipment due to their type of wood, they are also break-proof, elastic and can react flexibly to ballet training on the pole.

In addition, we deliver the wall brackets with the ballet pole sets. These must also be able to withstand years of use without the ballet pole breaking out of the wall and you injuring yourself.

In our ballet bar shop you will not only find noble woods in different colours, but also in different price ranges. The price varies depending on how much space you have available. A simple but effective ballet pole for children that meets the requirements of an effective ballet training is available from us in the smallest measure from 0.5 meters made of ash wood already from 53.40 EUR.

Included in the price are two wall brackets made of stainless steel, which already have two prefabricated holes. If you then include for this length the shipping of about 9.95 EUR, a small ballet bar with wall brackets costs you about 63.00 EUR. There are no upper limits: depending on the length of the ballet bar, the colour of the paint and the type of wall mount, the price increases.

Try the best single compilation in our online shop, choose a ballet pole in your length and look at the different lacquer finishes. In the second step of the order you can see the shipping costs. If you need advice on the selection, talk to us or write to us at any time.

Our ballet bars are all painted and therefore very resistant to contamination. However, if you have an unattractive scratch in the bar, we recommend that you remove the ballet bar, sand the damaged area and then paint the area over a large area. Use either spray paint or liquid paint, which you distribute evenly with a clean cloth on the spot and the surrounding area. You can also contact us and we will help you in an advisory way.

You can simply clean and polish the holders with a dry cloth for grease stains, for example.


We recommend our assembly video, which you can find here.

Do you want the ballet bar for private use at home or should it be installed in the studio? Depending on this we recommend:

In the studio

For children it is recommended to attach the ballet pole to approx. 87cm, which means that the upper edge of the pole is at this height. For adults, a height of approx. 110 - 120 cm is practicable. If a double bar is preferred for adults, then the lower bar should be at a height of approx. 80 - 90cm.

Private use

At home it makes sense to adjust the ballet bar to your own size. The easiest way to do this is to use the height of your elbow as a guide. But you can check where your hands are in the second position and decrease this height. Basically, the ballet bar should be placed between your hips and waist.

Always make sure that the bar is long enough and that you have enough space to do your exercises optimally.

Plane approx. 30 minutes for the assembly of the ballet bar. It's best to take a second person to help you with the wall mounting.

Take the length of the mirror and add another 15 - 20cm per side. When ordering, please tell us that you have a mirror and tell us its width. Then we can adjust the bores on the ballet bars so that you can attach the ballet bar holders optimally next to the mirror.

Order procedure

You're welcome to do that. A collection of the goods purchased from us can be picked up in our company at the delivery period stated in the product. Please note that only cash payment is possible at collection or prepayment. Stair and railing studio Graber Am Leutewitzer Park 9 01157 Dresden Mo.-Fr. 08:30 bis 18:00 o'clock Collection after 18 o'clock and on Saturday is only possible by appointment! Please make an appointment with us in advance by telephone.

From the order in our ballet bar store to the delivery of your ballet bar you should plan for ash up to 3500mm and all beech and oak bars in nature approx. 3 to 4 days.

For ash dark we need a little longer and can run within about 5 - 6 days.

beech white requires special varnishing and takes 3 - 4 weeks.

We will inform you as soon as your order leaves our warehouse. For lengths over 1.95 metres, the forwarding agent will arrange a delivery date with you in advance by telephone.

Yes, you can also order from abroad. We ship within Germany and the EU.

If you are not satisfied, you have the possibility to return your order within 14 days after receipt. We will pick up the goods. We bear the direct costs of returning the goods, with the exception of goods shipped by a forwarding agent (goods from 2000mm). Once we have received and checked the return, we will refund the amount. Depending on the method of payment, you will receive: For direct debit and bank transfer, a credit to your bank account from which the transfer was made or the bank account you give us. If you pay by PayPal, a credit to your PayPal account. When paying with Amazon Payments, a credit to your Amazon account Please contact us before if you want to return a product.
If, contrary to expectations, something has been forgotten or is not perfect, please contact our customer service. You can reach us from Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 18:00 at: 0351 4215281 or by e-mail at with your order number.

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