Ballet barre set "The Pro"

Länge (50 - 400 cm)
Stückzahl Halter
Spiegelmaß (falls vorhanden)
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Attention: When buying a raw ballet barre, it is recommended to do an independent surface treatment (e.g. oiling, varnishing) to prevent the barre from graying due to hand perspiration.

Please note: Delivery times vary depending on your specification.

The ballet barre for particularly high loads and training sessions - ideal for ballet studios


  • Length 50 - 400 cm
  • Surface: raw/lacquered/oiled
  • Diameter: 42 mm
  • Endings: slightly rounded with a radius of approx. 6mm
  • Brackets stainless steel:
    - Distance from wall: approx. 19 cm
    - Distance between the support surfaces: 15 cm (centre to centre)
    - with 12mm thread
    - Base plate diameter: 7 cm
    - Base plates have three holes each.
    - Screws and dowels are included
    - Adhesive for gluing on the stainless steel rosette is included in delivery

 Train with our exclusive ballet barre set "The Professional" in the studio or at home

We proudly present our high quality ballet poles, specially designed for studios and professional dancers. With our very stable holders and two sturdy wall supports, we offer you the perfect accessories to take your dance studio to a new level.

Our ballet poles have been manufactured with the utmost care and precision to meet the demanding needs of professionals. Each pole is made from premium, durable material that provides excellent stability and support. Our brackets are designed to ensure secure attachment to the wall.

Whether you practice classical ballet, contemporary dance or other dance styles, our ballet bars will adapt to your needs and provide the perfect support.

Our ballet bars for professionals are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. They add a touch of elegance and professionalism to your dance studio. The high-quality design blends seamlessly into any environment and creates an inspiring atmosphere in which dancers can develop their skills.

Discover the world of ballet on a new level with our ballet bars for professionals! Bring your studio up to date and offer your dancers the optimal training opportunity. Order today and experience the perfect combination of quality, functionality and design. Invest in your success and let our ballet bars inspire you!

 The ballet bars are also available as single ballet bar without holder.


Here you can find out how best to mount the ballet barre on the wall with our brackets.


Determination of the length for mirrors:

If you have a mirror, please enter the mirror dimension in the "Mirror dimension" field in the product so that we can make the holes for the holders accordingly. If you do not specify the mirror size, we will drill the holes for the holders at 20 - 25 cm from the end of the respective rod. We recommend a distance of at least 15 cm, at best 25 cm between the mirror and the end of the ballet barre. To determine the bar length, add 8 cm to your mirror measurement for the support shells of the holders on the wall + 15 - 25 cm per side.


  • Mirrow: 100 cm
  • Determining the pole length: 100 cm + 8 cm + 40 cm (with 20 cm distance to the pole end) = 148 cm

-> As a minimum, in order to be able to guarantee stability, about 10 cm would also be feasible with a pole length of less than 130 cm.


 For all further questions regarding the installation, please also refer to our FAQs.

  • ca. 3 - 5 days ash
  • ca. 3 - 5 days beech
  • ca. 3 - 5 days oak
  • ca. 5 - 7 days ash dark
  • ca. 7 - 9 days beech white
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