Ballet barre set "The Pro"

Länge (50 - 400 cm)
Stückzahl Halter
Spiegelmaß (falls vorhanden)
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Attention: When buying a raw ballet barre, it is recommended to do an independent surface treatment (e.g. oiling, varnishing) to prevent the barre from graying due to hand perspiration.

Please note: Delivery times vary depending on your specification.

The ballet barre for particularly high loads and training sessions - ideal for ballet studios

  • Length: 50 - 400cm 
  • Diameter: 42mm
  • Ends: slightly rounded with approx. 6mm radius
  • Ballet bar support 190mm wall spacing with pre-drilled holes

To teach a ballet student of any age to dance ballet is to give a space to live out this pleasure. To move on tiptoe, to get to know the abilities of one's own body and to engage in a world of sounds, creativity and music is what drives a ballerina and an eleven.
But above all, it needs material that can withstand the special stresses and the high intensity of training. Our ballet barre sets, especially made of ash wood, are ideal for equipping ballet studios. This ballet barre set requires little space and comes with wall brackets.

Measurement of the holder:

  • Wall distance: approx. 19 cm
  • Distance between the support surfaces: 15 cm (centre to centre)
  • with 12 mm thread
  • Base plate diameter: 7 cm
  • The large distance to the wall means that the ballet barre can be screwed on easily. This means that it can be used for many applications.

Screwing the holder

  • The base plate has two holes für 5mm screws.
  • Screws and grommets are supplied
  • Adhesive for gluing the stainless steel rosette is included

The ballet bars are also available as single ballet bar without holder.

Further information in the tab: Assembly video

Assembly instructions for the ballet bar

  • Screw the holder into the prefabricated holes (first pull the cover chain backwards).
  • then with the help of a second person mark the drill holes (on the wall side), then drill them
  • The cover rosette is finally fixed with some adhesive (superglue).



  • ca. 3 - 5 days ash
  • ca. 3 - 5 days beech
  • ca. 3 - 5 days oak
  • ca. 5 - 7 days ash dark
  • ca. 2 - 3 weeks beech white

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